Being new to couponing, at least at the level I’m trying to get to, is very time-consuming at the beginning.  When you read all the posts about how to start small – they aren’t kiddin’.  I, of course, wanted to jump with both feet, arms, whole body…..  so I became a bit overwhelmed and unorganized.  I started with an index card box (the larger one) and soon overflowed from it.  I then invested in a couple of binders, which is much easier with the volume I have now(which is puny compared to others).  Anyway….. I feel much more together, now that I have the binder system going.  I still have this weekends coupons to cut and sort, but feel like it is achievable now.  I wouldn’t stop couponing for anything.  I love love love saving money.  Just ask my friends!  Not sure if they are annoyed by it or glad they know who to come to to find a deal.  I hope it’s the latter.

My goal is to help others save money with deals and coupons that I will be posting on this site.  Living in SW Florida, we don’t have double coupons in our stores – so the deals aren’t as extreme as other places, but there are still deals to be had.

I am also going to seek out deals in my area to post for locals and visitors.  I hope to have many soon.   Please check back often.


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